Horseback Riding in Tobago

Leading up to my 30th birthday, I started getting a bit of anxiety.  Where I’m at now is not how I envisioned my life to be when I was a child. I thought by now I’d have the white picket fence surrounding a cozy home, complete with the husband and kids.  Alas, ain’t got none of that.  What I do have however are friends who are like family and I’m surrounded by light and love. For which I am truly grateful.

I hadn’t really put much thought into the actual day. I was just so caught up in end of semester drama (yes I thought I’d be done with school by now too), that I didn’t plan anything. I have to admit, I seldom plan anything in advance, and generally just go on a whim. I felt like I needed to be alone though, as I enjoy my solitude, maybe even too much.  So the week before my birthday I booked a flight to Tobago.  My friend Dana Marie had told me about how much fun she had horseback riding in Buccoo, that I had to experience it too. So I contacted the lovely people at Being With Horses in Tobago and spoke to Veronika, who was very accommodating, both via email and over the phone.  We scheduled the “Swim and Trail” for the morning of my birthday.

On that morning the weather was perfect. I got to Buccoo an hour early and sat on a bench by the ocean, just thinking about my past 30 years of existence.  So very serene. On arrival I was greeted by Veronika and her husband Lennon, who briefed us and introduced the crew to the horses.

Meeting Princess Julie

My friend for the ride was Princess Julie, a young horse who was born right there at their stables.  She reminded me much of myself because she was constantly eating, and made me stop at every tree leaf to grub.  I’m not greedy…I just love food 🙂  This resulted in us being at the back of the lot.


I won’t go into much detail about the entire trek, as I don’t want to give too much away. Just know it was absolutely exhilarating. There was a photographer available to capture the lovely moments, and digital copies are available for purchase.

See links below for more information.





Feel free to comment if you have questions.


Light, love and longevity,




Veronika & Lennon La Fortune

14 Galla Trace,


Tel. 001 868 639 0953





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