Generation Filter

Before you begin, I apologize as this is sort of a bait and switch post. Don’t get mad at me, k?

So there’s this thing called “self-love”. What I’d like to know is when does this cross over into narcissism.  In this digital age where it’s so easy to be “seen” or even become “insta-famous” (yes, that’s a thing), we find ourselves sharing a lot more about our lives.  For most it’s more so to stay connected with friends and family, but for others platforms like YouTube and Instagram help them in getting that big break they’ve been longing for.

 Snapchat Lenses and filters have been on the rise.  I myself enjoy a good filter.  Many people believe that these apps distort reality…annnnnnd in a way it kinda does if you just show the positive aspects of your life.  I have a small snapchat following and while I overdo the filters most times, there is still a sense of realness.  Especially where my skin is concerned, which was my biggest insecurity throughout my twenties. Normally I’d never step foot out of my house without a full face beat…..and ummm….I still don’t think I’m ready, and here’s why.  I suffer from hormonal acne.  Sharing this was quite hard for me, but it’s been a long time coming and my hope is that this post helps someone out there who struggles with acne, be it hormonal or otherwise.

Every month around “lady time” the acne army comes marching on in.  It really isn’t the acne so much that bothered me, it was the dark spots that came after.  Thank you dear melanin!  I’ve tried almost every topical treatment under the sun to no avail. I’ve also tried Zinc tablets, which would always make me nauseated.  No, I never visited a dermatologist because I feared they’d put me on harsh oral medication.  Recently I started using the Murad face products and subsequently decided to try their oral supplements which I purchased on Amazon. The reviews were wonderful but I was still a bit skeptical. Flash forward 7 months later and I’ve seen great improvement.  The acne still comes, but it’s mild and manageable.  The one caveat I have is that once you stop taking the supplements, your skin reverts to its regular behaviour.
I never felt confident enough to wear my spots in public.  My flaws are very much part of who I am, however we live in such a harsh world, I preferred to do without the questions and criticism about my skin.  I hid behind a mask…and still do. People may think this misleading, but my friends, family and people I hold dear to me are fine with the real me and that’s about all I need.  So “she leaves” acne behind and all that’s left now is to get rid of the marks.  If you’d like to know what I’m using for that, hit me up in the comments.
I’d like to add that this is not a paid advertisement for Murad.  I believe in this product as it has helped me and my intention is only to help someone who like me, is searching for something to battle this dreadful adult acne.
Light, love and longevity,


  1. I have issues with dark spots as well… anything you use helps? I tried using Palmer’s vitamin E scar serum which works to a point.

    btw… i LOVEEEEEE that you’re blogging publicly! 🙂

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    • I find the the Dark Spot Remover serum from “Fair and White” works really well. It peels your skin a bit so you have to use a moisturizing face wash. I recommend anything from Olay. But yeah…it works wonders. Happy that you enjoy the posts. More to come 🙂


  2. Great post! And so brave of you to share this. I have acne as well, and mine is just starting to get better. It all started with me being on a journey of self-acceptance (not that it’s easy), but it has helped A LOT on my skin 🙂 Also I use Jojoba oil which is really good as well. Love that you are sharing this, inspirational!

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