Belly Fitness Studio (video)

First of allllllllllll, this was supposed to be easy. I’m Trini, I can “wine”.  Belly dancing should be a piece of cake right? Wrong.  This was very challenging for me. I think even more so when the instructor broke down the moves…and because of this I tend to get a little too up in my head.  As soon as my body stopped trying to move my hips, I was good to go…or so I thought.  Of course there’s also the fact that I have terrible coordination. Rebecca was very patient with me throughout the session and I was able to get the moves down as we got more into it.

I’m proud to say Belly Fitness Studio is run by my friend Rebecca Elias.  Her goal is to teach the art of belly dancing as a way to have fun and also burn some calories.  Her studio is located at 2 Broome Street, St Clair, Port of Spain, Trinidad. She caters to women, teens and girls.  Her classes combine dance and fitness in a nice cozy environment.  If you’re looking for something fun to do with your besties, this is the place. My friend and I had such a wonderful time.

This video is actually the “She Leaves” vlog debut. Hope you enjoy.

You can find Belly Fitness Studio on:


Love, light and longevity,



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