In The Artist’s Shoes

I am currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design.  My final assignment for the Colour Theory course was titled “In The Artist’s Shoe”.  For this we were required to research a famous artist from a list provided and paint a piece inspired by that artist.  Here’s the catch, we were to do so on a pair of shoes of our choice.

Of course I wasn’t about to pull out just any pair of shoes and paint on them. A lot of thought had to go into selecting an artist, and the shoes had to match their style.  I chose Edgar Degas beacause of his elegant way of painting his subjects.  I loved that he used pastel colours and I felt connected to his style of painting.  Mr. Degas fancied the ballet and I felt like I had the perfect shoes for my assignment.  I had a pair of Lady Gaga type heels which were influenced by the great Alexander Mc Queen.  The only problem was that the shoe was studded to the max, which were a task to remove because they were stuck on with some kind of mutant glue.  This ultimately worked to my advantage because the fabric became textured after the removal of gems and offered a nice base for painting.

We were required to do an oral presentation along with our submissions.  The class was delighted by my offering as I spoke about Mr. Edgar Degas, his inspiring work, and how it influenced my piece.

I’ve never worn those shoes as it was a tad bit too small and far too daring, so I was happy to paint on them.  I’m not so much a painter, but this exercise surely made me more enthused and I plan to hopefully do more pieces in the future.

IMG_0462 (1)IMG_0463 (1)

IMG_0453 (1)

 A huge shoutout to our amazing faculty at COSTAATT for such a challenging but fun assignment.

Love, light and longevity,



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