We have a winner!

Last month “She Leaves” ran a competition where you had to share your greatest adventure story.  The competition closed yesterday, and we now have a winner. Congratulations to loyal reader Varoon, who has won 2 vouchers for a Zip Line and Canopy Walk Tour in Macqueripe, Chaguaramas.

Story below:

Here goes my story. The hardest hike I have ever been on was when I hiked to Paria Falls. This was about a year ago when I had now started training with a CrossFit team.


Little did I know that instead of hiking the trails they actually run through them. I was about 2km inside breathless, already feeling like I was about to die. I could not keep up with them as they were too fast.


I had to stop running and decided to hike the trail instead. I felt so unfit not being able to match their level but I knew to myself I had only just started that type of training. Eventually I was doing a combination of mild running and walking.


There were points I felt like turning around and going back but some how I knew that once I reached the waterfall it would all be worth it. I was sure right. It was the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen and it gave me life. When I dived into the water I could feel my soul celebrating inside my body. I drank some of the ice cold, clean water and it felt like I was drinking some special type of magical water that immediately cooled me down. That experience was so good that I actually had no problem going back out of the trail. I even found a few leatherback turtle eggs on the shore of the beach that leads to the fall. The total duration of the hike for me was about 4-5 hours and the total distance covered was approx 14km. It definitely was a hike to remember!


Photos courtesy Varoon

Paria is definitely a hike that I’ve been longing to do, so you can imagine how delighted I was after reading this.  Thank you for sharing this story. Varoon is an aspiring photographer.  You can check out his blog HERE

Love, light and longevity,




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