One Hundred Steps

Here’s another collaboration I did with Nathifa from Trini Fitness and Varoon from Photography in Motion. Varoon happens to be the winner of the first “She Leaves” competition.  This colab was done in support of Nathifa, who is on her journey to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.


When Varoon suggested “One Hundred Steps” for our workout sesh, I was hyped because I’ve always wanted to try it. Let me just say though, I HATE STEPS, but I was up for a challenge. We did a quick warm-up down and and then back up a small hill and then went for the steps. We’re not sure if it’s actually 100 steps because it was so much fun, we forgot to count. Nathifa was a really good sport considering I made her do squats to amp up the workout. You can read more about her journey on Trini Fitness, where she talks about diet, plus size athletic wear and a bunch of other things I found interesting for any fitness buff.

Varoon brought along his camera, so I’m lucky to have a few shots to share.  I’d like to say thank you to them both for working with me on this colab. I’m so very proud of Nathifa for taking this “step”, no pun intended. Fitness makes me feel empowered, and this is a feeling I am delighted to share with others.

What a view
Here we go


Until next time!

Love, light and longevity,




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