When you look at your Instagram profile (or any social media profile), is it a true reflection of your life?  I can honestly say that mine is not.  Let me clarify though.  My insta feed in particular is a continuum of happy moments in my life with a few scattered showers. Do I think that it 100% portrays what I go through? The answer is no.  While I am the epitome of optimist, which the people who know me personally would agree, I go through dark times in my life, as most people do.  In my opinion, it feels burdensome when you post things that are too heavy, so I try to refrain from doing so. Don’t get it twisted, life isn’t always skittles and cotton candy, and don’t let Instagram fool you.

I’ve somewhat become a bit disenchanted with social media, but mainly Instagram. Not because of anyone in particular, but I hate that it’s no longer in chronological order. That irks me to my very core.  This may be a good thing, since I was somewhat addicted.

I’m really trying hard to cut back on my social media consumption in an attempt to reconnect with my artistic side.  Here is a piece I just completed entitled “notmygram”.  Hope you like it.


Love, light and longevity,




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