Happy 2017!

A very happy New Year to you.  I hope that all is well and you are in good health, and ready to show 2017 who’s boss. I know I am.

I never really have New Year’s resolutions.  I usually just try to be a better person overall.  I also don’t set goals at the beginning of the year because I just tend to go wherever the wind takes me.  This year I’ve decided to not only set goals, but to also put it in writing. Statistics have shown that New Year’s resolutions don’t work, but goals do.  So these are the things I plan to accomplish before we say bye-bye to 2017.

  1. Become more active at church
  2. Finish school
  3. Photography – Shoot a photo series
  4. Run more
  5. Start my web series

I bought a camera last August and I was so excited to shoot everything in sight, but I must confess that I rarely even pick it up.  That’s about to change as I plan to up my photography game.  Here are a few photos I took over that past few weeks.


Have you set any goals? Feel free to share in the comments.

Love, light and longevity,




  1. [ Smiles ] A Happy 2017 to you as well.

    I am not one for making resolutions either.

    My intentions are to get an additional computer for blogging.


    So, just in case something happens to the one I am currently using, I can continue blogging without any sort of interruptions.


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