Dana the Cactus Killer…A Memoir 🌵

Hey loves!

I know it’s been a while, but I hope all is well and you are in good health…unlike some of my plants.  See the thing is I never thought it would be this hard to grow and care for cacti, but I’m happy to report that I’m finally getting the hang of it.  I think so far I’ve killed about 5 cacti (could be more) over a 2 year period…which to me isn’t too bad, but I digress.

I think my problem is that I obsess over things too much.  Once I invest in something, I have to constantly check on it (queue Beyonce dance), and therein lies my problem.  The demise of a cactus usually happens after the re-potting process. I don’t know if I over water it, or I’m just too harsh when handling, but I’m really trying to be better at this thing, and so far so good… at least since I’ve identified my problem.

IMG_1967My latest victim was poor Jimmy, who was my office friend.  Jimmy’s home was a glass jar.  I know I wasn’t supposed to water him too much for a few reasons:

  1. No sunlight – he was indoors.
  2. It was cold – air conditioning.
  3. The glass jar had no holes at the bottom.

Despite these conditions, Jimmy survived for about 7 months before his untimely death. His overall life span was more than a year cuz I brought him in from my home collection.  That’s not too bad right? Can we have a moment of silence please…

So anyways, I thought I’d show you guys my small collection.  Most of them have names and some don’t, no particular reason though. I’ll get around to naming them sooner or later.


Do you have cactus plants?  Give yuh girl some tips nah!


Love, light and longevity,



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