Barbados On A BudgetđŸ’” (video)


Barbados is my home away from home. I’m not into luxury living…because well, my salary won’t allow it, so I always go the affordable way.  If you’re from Trinidad and Tobago like me, you’d know that 200.00 USD (if you book at the right time) could get you to Barbados and back, and with a little pocket change you can be balling on a budget.


plenty me.jpg
Swimsuit: Forever 21

Here are some things you need to know:



Caribbean Airlines flies daily to and from Barbados. This is my airline of choice because of my frequent flyer membership.  My most recent trip for 2 adults (round trip) cost a whopping 411.16 USD. I was surprised because I booked just a little over two weeks in advance.  This could also be because our outbound flight was on a Saturday evening/night and those don’t go as fast.  Like I said before, this is the average cost, unless you book really really late, or your trip falls on a long weekend.

Other airline: Liat – possibly cheaper but not the best option in my opinion.


Airport Transfers:

This time around I took a taxi for 2  to the hotel right out of Grantley Adams which cost us 16.00USD.

I reserved a taxi 2 days prior to our return flight online through Expedia to take us back to the airport. We booked St. James Travel & Tours – Barbados, which cost 28.48USD.  The driver arrived half hour early and even helped take my luggage downstairs.



I usually stay at Monteray Apartment Hotel right on the St Lawrence Gap where all the action happens. This was my first time booking my own accommodation since the past few years I’ve mainly visited with a group.  This time however I booked through Expedia and let me tell you…I am obsessed! Expedia could totally turn me into a travel junkie…and if you’re wondering, no I’m not quite a junkie yet, since I only travel once per year on average.



Donut Floaty: 199TTD – Excellent Stores (Trinidad)



Friday Night Fish Fry  is held at Oistins in Christ Church every Friday night. This is a must!  If you’re feeling for a long drive, also check out the restaurant at the Animal Flower Caves in St. Lucy. Another thing you have to try is the GAP BURGER…because well, you have to see for yourself. I also recommend Daddy’s on Dover beach. If you fancy a good chicken and french fries, checkout Chefette, but I don’t have to tell you that as you’d see it pretty much everywhere on the island.

IMG_3412 2.JPG
Lunch: Daddy’s Restaurant & Bar – Dover Beach



Getting around:

2 Barbadian dollars will get you pretty much anywhere, unless you hire a private taxi.  Taxi fares range on your drop-off location but is relatively affordable.  Cheaper than Trinidad I must say.



We didn’t venture out this trip, but the St. Lawrence Gap is full of possibilities.  There’s always something happening every night. The bar across the street from our hotel had live music and karaoke every night, which kept us entertained from our balcony.



Since Dover Beach is just a stone’s throw away From Monteray, naturally it’s my beach of choice. It’s not the best in my opinion but it’s absolutely stunning.

If I had to choose, I’d say Miami Beach is my favourite. I have lots more to visit though.

Dover Beach, St. Lawrence Gap




Charles Water Sports, Dover Beach


Miami Beach



Other Activities:

I cannot forget Harrison’s Cave, which is a wonder of the world. There’s also the Animal Flower Caves in St. Lucy like I mentioned before.  I have yet to visit the Atlantis submarine.  These tours can also be booked through Expedia. No I’m not getting paid for this, though I absolutely should right?

Harrison’s Cave


FullSizeRender 3.jpg
Animal Flower Caves

If I missed out anything I’d be sure to update this post. I hope this was helpful.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer.






Love, light and longevity,






  1. Always love your pics from Barbados, I’ve only been there twice which was years ago so I forgot the beaches and restaurants 🙁, hoping next time I get to venture out more. Great pics by the way!!

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