The following post was inspired by an article I read today on dating.

One of the top questions I get is “why are you still single?”, and quite frankly I myself didn’t have the answer…until now…

I am un-dateable…

  • Not because I’m unattractive
  • Not because I’m not smart
  • Not because I have no sense of humour
  • Not because I lack passion
  • Not because I have zero personality

Not because…

Yeah you get the drift.

I’m un-dateable because I don’t adhere to the rules of “millennial courtship”.

Rules of MC

What are these rules you ask? Well let me break it down for you real quick.

  1. Stick to the 3 day rule
  2. Never be the first to like their posts or view their snapchats, stories, whatsnaps etc. (actually, don’t even bother)
  3. Telephone conversations are old-fashioned
  4. If you haven’t spoken in a while, don’t message first
  5. Don’t double text
  6. “Send nudes”
  7. Caring is out of style
  8. Labels are bad and so is commitment
  9. Falling in love is for losers
  10. You don’t need a man/woman

In this world, we are taught to love our screens…phone screens, tablet screens, computer screens, cracked screens, what have you, so much so that we pull screens over our hearts.  It’s all about how we look and who’s seen us “stunting on the gram” rather than who we really are.  I yearn for deep conversations about spirituality, nature, love, art and most of all passion.  This feeling is a rarity amongst my peers.  I am by no means condemning those who live for the “social medias” because I too have fallen victim. I too fell into that realm of borderline narcissism. Recently I’ve slowly felt myself pulling away from it all. My personal Facebook account has been deactivated for quite some time and I rarely post on Instagram these days, however you will find a few tweets from time to time…especially during Game of Thrones season.

For the first time in a long while, I feel free.  The only sad part is nobody wants to date me lol. And you know what? That’s ok. I’ve spent far too much time molding what I am today.

I’ve never been one to fit in. Have you ever felt that way?

Y’all I’m actually supposed to be reading slides and writing in forums for school right now, but when inspiration comes knocking…

Anyways I’ve gotta run.


Love, light and longevity,





  1. Everything about this post is pretty much me. 32 in a few days and I’ve been single since ’09 (no shame in my game) and everyone including my mom wants to know why I’m single. Don’t I want a family? Blah blah blah. I’m like I’m undateable and everyone is on there BS, (well not every guy but you know). Social media has definitely influenced our generation to never be the first for everything. I like meaningful conversations, real dates and getting to know that person (everyone is quick to get in a relationship and two weeks later a new person in their lives). I’ve been off of Facebook for 5 years now and I hardly post on Instagram. (Kanye shrug). I say the same thing if I have to wait and just do me I’ll do that, no time for games and popularity contest. Thought it was just me. 🙌🏾

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